16 lug 2014

Get out of the rat race

So, how do we stop the insanity and get out of the rat race?

Shift your focus from "exchanging time for dollars" to "leveraging
dollars for your dollars." In other words… see to it that your money
works at least as hard as you do.
Reduce your monthly expenses to the bare necessities. I didn't say
reduce your debt, I said reduce your expenses. There's a difference,
but not so important right now.
Choose a vehicle (rental real estate, Internet/automated business,
royalties, licensing, etc…) to create your passive income, and then do
it. Even if it's just $100 a month of passive income to start, get
started. This is where many people "think" they know how to get out of
the rat race but never get out. They dismiss the small $100 a month as
not a big enough step, so they never take that first step. And because
they never take that first step, they never get out.

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