22 lug 2014

The Secret to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

I have a formula for what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and it goes like this:
Success = Mindset + Know How
Seems obvious right? The trick here is how much is "mindset" and how much is "know how". In my experience it's like this:

90% - mindset

10% - know how

So what does this mean? Well you need to train yourself to think like an entrepreneur. When we are in the corporate world we tend to see things very myopically. We are trained to live in a small fenced in area rarely questioning what lies beyond. When we are told that outside our fenced in area there is hardship, pain and no stability, we don't question it, we just accept it to be true.

Now here is where your mind takes over to further reinforce your reality. Your subconscious mind will always hold you to be correct. So if you say that the area outside the fence is full of hardship, pain and holds no stability, then it will take in only information that proves that to be true. In essence you are giving yourself a command to prove you right about what you believe.

The way to destroy the fence and see what's out there is to explore the world beyond the fence. It doesn't mean jump ship without a plan, it's about finding out who else had success as an entrepreneur and find out what they did to make it happen. You are then training your brain to push past old ways of thinking.

Go out and bust a few fences, it's a ton of fun!
- See more at: http://www.4bn.co.uk/community/articles/the-secret-to-becoming-a-successful-entrepreneur?goback=.gde_5159743_member_5829939683236265988#!

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