24 lug 2014

How to attract money with mind power

If your bank account isn't as big as you want it to be, blame your own
mind. And if you want to attract more money, teach your mind how to
think about money, according to James Goi, Jr., author of How to
Attract Money Using Mind Power.

Money is a state of mind," Goi said in a recent interview. "It is a
mind set. I teach that there is a specific mind set that will be
attractive toward money. It comes down to your thoughts, feelings and
images that arise in your mind. There is also a way to think that
repels money."

According to Goi, the operative mechanism is the subconscious mind.
"Most metaphysicians agree that the subconscious mind is an automatic
engine. It's job is to create in the outer world what we are creating
with our minds. The subconscious does not make judgment calls. It
believes everything that you show it, good or bad, right or wrong, and
makes them true," Goi said.

Goi said that a powerful money-attracting technique is to think about
the end result, which will help us to conjure up the appropriate
thoughts, images and feelings. All of these elements are crucial to
creating a positive outcome.

It is critical to avoid negative thoughts, feelings and images about
money. "The best way to stop negative thinking and to turn around our
mental habits is to turn our back on them and focus on thinking
positive things," Goi said. "The old thoughts will die of their own
accord eventually. You will make new neuronal connections in the
brain, the ones that make you feel good."

He acknowledges that taking this course of action will be a challenge.
"The way we tend to think will always be the way we think," Goi said.
"If we want to start to tend to think differently, the only way to do
that is to start thinking differently. It becomes easier, hour by
hour, day by day. You start to build momentum. There is a definite
element of discipline involved."

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