30 giu 2014

To be the best Entreprener

Dream, Dream Big

If you are reading this it is likely that you already have a dream.
Don't stop there however. You need a vision of how truly awesome your
idea can become. Are you thinking of opening a roadside stand from
which to sell your awesome homemade ice cream? Create a vision of
multiple ice cream parlors across the country. You have to have this
vision to maintain focused on the prize.


Now that you have that dream, dial it back a notch and research do
some research. Will people really buy ice cream from the side of the
road. You will not know until you do some research. Get some marketing
numbers, scout out an awesome location, determine demand, know your
competition, and find some cost numbers for a stand, freezers, and any
other equipment and supplies you will need. How much will you need to
charge and how much would you need to sell to cover costs? How much to
make a profit?

Write a Plan

Once you have researched until you cannot research any more, it is
time to put that research into a written business plan. Begin by
outlining your dream. Lay it all on the table with how you plan to
start and how you envision it ending up. Then present your research,
and make your proposal.

Get it Funded

This is often the hardest part of getting started. That plan has to
convince a lender to fork over the money needed to get the ball
rolling. It is also very often necessary to fork over your own funds,
whether in the form of collateral or personal investment. Either way,
lenders have various financing products available to help. There are
in-house loans, and there are SBA loans that are backed by the Small
Business Administration. These loans are designed to help small
business owners succeed. - See more at:

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